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From: alexander magoon
Subject: freedom chapter 4Let me first say thank you to all that gave me feedback and Advice on the
first chapters. If you have any suggestions or ideas send em to me. The
usual disclaimers apply. I would appreciate feedback at
( Thank you and enjoy.Chapter 4 part 1 (Ale's pov)"WHAT ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH Ale!?"the accusation stung, but the fact that Zan didnt even recognize me anymore
hurt even more. I was sobbing openly by this point, tears streaming down
my face as I found I could speak once more."I-I dont know what you're talking about, Zan what happ-" my question was
stifled by my scream as Zan twisted and drug the dagger through my arm."You are a beast, a demon, Ale was a human. you are lying, and I will kill
you if you don't answer me properly. now what are you and where is Ale?""I-I'm a beast. I killed all those people, didnt I? I killed belle! please
Zan kill me." I pleaded with him as realization struck home. the carnage
in the field was my doing. annabelle's death was my fault. everything was
my fault. Zan just smiled as his face contorted and turned into mine, only
my face was red and had bold black tattoos all over it."as you wish." he opened his mouth and swallowed me preteen girl masterbate whole. sweet sweet
darkness engulfed me again, and I cried.part 2 (Zan's pov)Ale's body was thrashing on the bed before suddenly going still. I was
wrought with worry. I had never seen anything like this before, and neither
had jack. I brushed the hair out of Ale's face and kissed his nude preteen nude
while I walked back to the living room where erect preteen tits William and jack were waiting.William was the first to say anything. "is he okay?" "I don't know,
William. I've never seen anything like this. you should have seen him at
the meadow. whatever that child is, it isn't model com preteen human." William looked like
he didnt like hearing this but jack was intrigued. "Zan wait here for a
moment, I may know what the boy is." jack hurried out of the room and tore
through his study as I sat down. he came back carrying a thick tome and
mumbling that he hoped he was wrong. "do you know how old the boy is Zan?"
"I believe he's 15, why?" "And did you see everything that happened at the
meadow?" "Yes, what does this have to do with anything?" "Okay, you said
red skin and black tattoos with crimson wings, correct?" "Yes, jack, now
hurry up and say what you will." Jack looked at the book, turned it
around, and showed me. Inside was a picture of a creature that looked
almost exactly as Ale did when he lost it, except the one in the book was
blue. "Did it look like this?" "YES he did, Jake, what is this." I didn't
know what the book was that I was looking at, but it scared me, and that is
saying something. "this is not good...that is a Nephillim, Zan...a bloody
Nephillim is sleeping in my bed." William spoke up, then. preteens micro miniskirt "and what pray
tell is a nephillim." "that my dear William, would be a halfling, a mix
between an angel of the highest order and a human. none have ever been
seen, save the one in that book, and that picture was taken shortly before
the creature was struck down by his preteen binaries nude
father, Michael."I couldn't take this anymore. "what the hell are you saying, Jake, that
angles are real and that they kill their own kids. I'm a Vampire, I've
been around for 3000 years and I've never seen one before.""That's exactly what I'm saying, Zan."just Zan, a scream echoed from Ale's room. in a flash I was up and in the
room. what I saw petrified me and William and Jake, who stood behind me.
Ale was crumpled on the floor writhering in obvious preteens virgin pics
pain as he screamed and
blood pooled around him. standing above him with a grim smirk was a winged
man, clad in crimson armor and holding a black sword, dripping with Ale's
blood. I rushed the man but before I could hit him he had his hand around
my throat and squeezed till my neck nearly snapped.he spoke in a deep voice. foreign nude preteens
"why look, my dear alecade, the friends you
exposed yourself to protect have come to die with you"Ale's eyes widened as he yelled out "no, Father, you did this and I will
kill you if you lay one more finger on Zan." Ale's body was taking on a
reddish tint and black marks were beginning to appear. I was scared. this
creature could easily kill me and he planned on it.The man's features flashed with a bright anger and he threw me like I was a
doll. I hit William and Jake and we all crashed out of the room, we could
still hear preteen girl legs
the deafening voice of the angle, though."YOU INSOLENT BRAT DARE CHALLENGE ME?"I looked into the room and saw Ale looking at me with tears in his eyes as
he top100 photos preteens mouthed the words "I'm sorry". my vision turned red as did everything
when Ale stood and a sword materialized in his hand. "I love you Zan."
Ale flew into the air with his father following close behind. I could feel
wetness on my face and realized I was crying."Jake. I need you to transfer my lifeforce into Ale. please." William
and Jake both looked shocked. "it's the only way, Jake, if Ale becomes
part vampire on top of nephillim, then he can beat his father. but he's
wounded and if you don't transfer my life force now, I'll do it myself." "
Fine, I'll do it." Jake looked sullen as he said this and began chanting.I felt my power leaving me and I sent into Ale's mind 'I love you, Ale' and
then it was black.Part 3 (Williams pov)"you bastard. you promised I could be with you forever." petite preteen sex tears were rolling
down my face as I heard a scream echo through the night, a scream filled
with the utmost sadness and pain. I knew that Ale knew and I hated him for
taking Zan. a concussive force rushed through the house as Ale came back,
his sword dripping with blood. I knew he had won but I didn't care."you took everything from me. you took belle, you took Zan, you took
everything." We were both crying, as Ale leaned down and picked up Zan's
body."I'm sorry, William, I'll bury him and rebuild his house...does he have
family?" I screamed at him "You killed his family!"the pain and sadness in his preteen schoolgirls nude
face was obvious, but I didn't care.
"then...I'll live in his house and preteens fre pics take care of it, if anyone should need
it again. I'm...I'm sorry William...I loved him...""JUST LEAVE YOU BASTARD AND NEVER COME BACK!"he flew off carrying Zan's body and headed in the direction of the ruins of
Zan's house. I swore I'd kill him if I ever saw him again, as I broke down
into tears.
end of the prologue, guys...and yeah, sorry I didnt really plan on making
it a prologue, till I sat down tonight and wrote it. :] and fear not, cuz
this is not the end, but rejoice cuz it is the saddest part of the story
and the rest will be happy and filled with luv <3send me ideas tips and feedback at I love to hear from
you guys so keep it coming. I also plan to start a new story soon so keep
your eyes peeled.

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